A unique and personalized approach to voice and performance presentation.  Designed for professional and amateur individuals alike, emphasis is placed on creating a deeper sense of attunement with yourself through discovery of your natural sound while experiencing the power, joy and fulfillment of your creative expression.

Dr. Carole G. Moskovitz, M.A., D.S.S.

The way a person speaks and sings is like a thumb print of where they are in their consciousness. What each of us thinks inwardly... how we view ourself, our beliefs, values, attitudes and awarenesses... will be reflected not only in our communication outwardly, but will continue to water the garden of who we think we are that we've planted to that point. Dr. Carole Moskovitz teaches her clients how to access and work productively with their authentic voice...the voice of their heart... their natural sound and inner dialogue... and provides a nurturing environment where they can weed out the old, and plant their new seeds of skill and awareness.   The result is peaceful congruence of inner and outer communication and expression that is truly "from the heart".   Carole's unique and personalized approach to Soul-centered communication, voice and performance presentation is designed to create a deeper sense of attunement with one's Self and where one experiences the power, joy and fullfilment of their Soul's creative expression...anywhere.

Singing From The Heart, then, is a metaphor for expression on ALL levels, singing included, but not exclusively that. Consequently, her clientele ranges from professional and amateur singers, dancers, artists and actors to public speakers, business people, doctors, venture capitalists, homemakers, investment bankers, teachers, CEO's; anyone who is committed to their personal growth. The focus is on fine-tuning individual expression in such a way that the results are demonstrated in greater levels of excellence and self-mastery.