Uniquely Qualified

Carole Moskovitz is a treasure! Recently, I had the good fortune of leveraging Carole’s considerable gifts in support of resolving a temporary vocal issue. I anticipated a prescription of a few simple vocal exercises. Instead, I received a profound meeting of myself on all levels that invited me to lovingly resolve the underlying issue that had prompted my strain. In addition to Carole’s expertise regarding voice production, her seasoned skillfulness navigating psychologically related territory uniquely qualifies her to support the artist in meeting themselves on all levels. Yes. I did get several quite valuable vocal exercises to work with on the physical. On a deeper level, I received through Carole's wholehearted support a meaningful invitation to generously honor and more fully share my Authentic voice.

Unleash Your Voice

Working with Carole is a joy.  She brings a profound understanding of a singer's dreams, fears and feelings to help  you unleash your most authentic, beautiful, empowered voice.

Truly Gifted!

It's rare when you find someone who can teach you how to sing and fill you up with self-esteem at the same time. Carole is truly gifted! And, as a performer, Carole is sensational. Her voice opens hearts and brings in the true Spirit as well as extraordinary craft.

Patience & Dedication

I am extremely grateful to Carole for her patience and dedication as my singing teacher. She has been a source of musical knowledge and personal strength to me. Carole was able to accurately assess my vocal strengths and build on my abilities. As my singing teacher, she quickly pinpointed the areas in my vocal technique that were obstacles for me as a singer. She has found the key to my improvement, and has been able to suggest ways to address areas that former singing teachers were not able to help me with. Carole helped me work on my vocal difficulties one by one, with great teaching expertise. She gave me helpful explanations and vocal exercises I could do at home to help me develop my singing.

Along with her patient teaching of music, Carole provides encouragement and emotional support so that I have been able to work through the physical and mental blocks necessary to realize my true, strong voice. I will be continuing to work on these points with Carole.

Carole's business practices are orderly and consistent and she is completely reliable from a business standpoint.

I continue to progress as a singer by working with Carole on a consistent basis and following her suggestions. My experience of Carole is that she has my best interests at heart, and I am overwhelmed by the degree of dedication, generosity, and caring she shows for my development as an artist.

Outstanding Coach

Dr. Carole Moskovitz is an outstanding coach. Through her coaching to find my voice and overcome my fear of singing she also provided life lessons that I use today. She is an expert in her field, very client centered and works in a creative and partnering manner to achieve your goals. Thank you Carole for assisting me to change my life.

More Than Your Voice

Throughout the time I've been going to Carole, I have come to realize that although I started with her for voice lessons, I now am learning that the ability to sing involves more than just your voice. Your whole body is involved. Your entire being IS YOUR EXPRESSION! I now have a real sense of clarity and an ability to express myself in a more meaningful and succinct way.

Authentic Expression

I absolutely adore Carole. I so appreciate all that she has done for me. She taught me so much about reaching deep within and being authentic when it comes to my own self expression of a song. Beyond that I can never repay her for the gift of her spirit and how she welcomed me literally with open arms.

I love you from the bottom of my heart!

A Transformational Experience

It is with great pleasure I write this letter of acknowledgement/recommendation for Carole Moskovitz. I have been a vocal student of Carole for over four years and I can truly say that she is a gift to her profession.

There is no other person from whom I would rather be associated when it comes to training my voice. Carole is incredibly astute, well-trained, professional and amenable. Her technical knowledge is outstanding and possibly could only be outdone by the space Carole provides for a truly transformational experience.

It is as if my vocal training provides healing for my spirit. I am empowered by it, uplifted by it and I treasure it. I have learned to trust not only my outer, but also my inner voice. In the past I used to tell myself that I was not creative, but I can no longer do that. I have reached in and found a creative force that has permeated many areas of my life and provided an experience of freedom. After all, what else is transformation about?

Singing From the Heart is the perfect way to describe Carole's business. As my voice soars, so does my heart, my spirit. I prize Carole's guidance, love and sparkling wit! The work she does is most certainly done in service to others and has powerfully contributed to my personal growth in a profound way. Thank you, Carole!

Your Whole Being

Carole's approach to teaching is very integrated. She not only helps the student to develop their voice in a technical sense, but guides the client to release his or her voice in a whole body sense - to release resistance and remove the blocks, and these blocks are sometimes very, very deep. She helps the client to get in touch with their whole being to express from the heart and not just the voice. And, Carole does this with confidence, love and full support. She teaches her clients to express to their fullest potential.